There is little that can compare with the look and feel of a beautifully designed,well fitting suit in an exquisite cloth.

At Apricot we offer an extensive range of styles all of which we can tailor to your own personal designs.

Business suits, Wedding Suits, Golf Club Blazers, Suits for Proms, Waistcoats, Sporting Jackets and of course trousers.

And for the Magicians amongst you we can even provide  hidden pockets .

From a vast range of some of the worlds finest fabri ,you can chose the colour, weave, weight and composition that is ideal for your needs, from a hard wearing business tweed jacket to a superfine wool and cashmere Super 170s.

You can chose from a variety of linings, buttons, cuff trims, embroidery, in fact pretty much anything that makes that garment special to you.

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Covered  buttons , Coloured threads Slanted button holes all add interest to your garment.

Beautiful Woven linings in an array of vibrant colours