Frequently asked questions

What is your lead time?

Under normal circumstances it usually takes around 4 weeks to make a shirt and 6 for a suit, trouser or jacket.

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 lead times have been extended  by two weeks so we would recommend you discuss the dates that you have in mind.

We can Express an order for a small extra charge. Ring us first to see if it is possible.

How Much?

Unlike many other Tailors, we won't reel you into our website, get you all interested and then watch you faint when we start talking money.

In general a shirt will cost around £130 some fabrics may be a little more expensive .

Suits? That's slightly different.

A two piece suit can come in many qualities from hard wearing wool mixtures to  superfine top quality wool with cashmere silk or vicuna. Therefore prices can range from around £600 upwards.


Can I use my own cloth?

Yes. That is not a problem. We offer a full Cut Make and Trim service.


How many fittings are needed?

In nine out of ten cases customers can try on their garment when it is ready and take it away with them

If there is any need for adjustment we have a highly skilled tailor who can invariably complete any alterations within a week or less.

Do you keep my measurements so that I can order more easily next time?

Too right we do, so provided you keep away from the pies all you have to do is email or phone with your requirements  and we can send fabric samples and use you  stored measurements to make repeat garments.